The Studio

Walk through a field of wild flowers. Sit on the beach and listen to the flow of water falling ten feet into our large pond. Smell the roses climbing our custom gazebo. Lean on the split rail fence or sit along the stream and imagine where you will hang this personal piece of art Jeff is creating just for you. This can all happen in our private outdoor facility.

Hardwood floors guide you through our two private dressing rooms. Take your time, listen to the music, prepare yourself and only then enter the spacious shooting room. When entering you will notice our natural light windows. Our hardwood floors, the stone fireplace or our log cabin area may catch your eye. The very popular bay window and additional window light room, French doors and hundreds of painted backgrounds all wait to be your palette. Imagination is the only limit at Jeffery's. The studio can accommodate groups of up to 60 people or be cozy enough to capture your intimate moment.